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Naturopathic Treatment

The Initial Consult usually takes up to 90 minutes. This time is used to address all aspects of your life which may have contributed to the symptoms you are experiencing today. There is no use in rushing this vital first step of your health journey. It will give us time to get to know each other, to explain & educate where you are at and what you can do to improve your situation. It will allow us to work out the most suited treatment plan for you.

It is imperative for you to understand that this is YOUR health journey and YOU HAVE THE POWER to take ownership over your HEALTH. My role is to support you with educated advice & an individualized treatment plan to suit your current circumstance, health issue(s) and commitment.

A Follow-up Consult is scheduled at 30 minutes. During which, we evaluate how the treatment plan agrees with you and tweak the treatment plan for optimal support.

Your well-being is the centre of any treatment. I believe in the use of all tools available. I welcome working with your existing health care providers & value collaboration as it is in the best interest of your health.

During the consult I may suggest Diet & Lifestyle adjustments; offer Nutritional Supplements and/or Herbal Medicine to kick-start your healing journey and address chronic nutrient deficiencies and Energetic Remedies.

Nutrition / Diet

You are what you eat is not just a saying. Perhaps it makes sense to you that when you put goodness into something or someone then goodness can grow. The right fuel is needed for optimal function. We can even translate this to motor vehicles – petrol cars don’t do well on diesel and vice versa. Certain plants need certain foods to grow or they will be stunted or not thrive at all.

A review of your diet plays a vital role in your treatment plan. The sheer amount of information on what you should be eating or not, is not only confusing but may leave you with a false sense of doing the right thing.

We all have different needs; food sensitivities can be a major cause for illness – even if the food is otherwise considered healthy, it might be just the one you need to stay away from.

I am here to guide you to your personal nutritional needs; show you how to decipher healthier options and encourage you to make sensible food choices more often. It is often easier than you may think.
Tweaking your diet is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting you on the right track. It should be the first point of education in every person’s health journey.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine – Hippocrates’ famous quote is still valid today.

Nutritional Supplements

We owe it to ourselves that we are honest about what we are consuming each day. Our body tell us the truth if only we listen 😉!

It is not only the issue that we don’t always eat what we should. We are often forced to buy poor quality products – or we think we have no other options. We need to be well organised to pack a healthy lunch for work and/or a healthy snack. If you find yourself starving during your lunch break, well you will probably just grab what is most convenient and of course tasty for you.

But – this is only one part of the problem. It is now recognised that our soils are depleted of nutrients. Even though efforts are made to put goodness back into the soil, mass farming will struggle to achieve the goal of nutrient rich soils and hence nutrient rich produce.

A further aspect for nutrient deficiency in people is a steady loss of nutrient during added stressor of everyday life. This includes higher demands of nutrients during pregnancy, when a woman grows a new human life or higher demands to overcome emotional stress, such as grieving or physical stress, such as indulging in extreme sports and so forth.

Nutritional Supplements are necessary address nutritional deficiencies. It can be the missing piece to replenish your body with vital substances & restore health.

I like to think of using Nutritional Supplements as a kick-start back to health.

Herbal Medicine

Plant-based medicine has become my passion. I don’t only enjoy the fragrance of beautiful flowers, I appreciate and respect the healing power held within each plant, from its root to its petal.

Plants have always been the basis of healing – in ancient cultures as well as in modern medicine. The healing effects of many plants are well documented and are therefore a key element of natural therapy treatment.

Liquid herbs are part of my dispensary to enable me to prepare individualized herbal formulas in clinic on the day to provide you instant access to this powerful medicine.
Herbal medicine is available as a liquid formula, capsules, powder and is often included in nutritional supplements.

Energetic Remedies

Homoeopathy, Tissue Salts, Bach and Australian Bush Flowers work on a similar principle of stimulating the body’s own healing ability by taking minute amounts of a specific remedy.

This is especially useful to treat sensitive individuals, including infants and pregnant women.

Bach and Australian Bush Flowers are particularly powerful to alleviate emotional distress and to alter unwanted emotional states and patterns.

Acute homeopathic treatment may relieve acute conditions effectively and fast. There is nothing more rewarding than to treat a child in pain with one single remedy and watch how quickly the pain fades and the child resumes playing as if nothing had been wrong or bothersome.

Lifestyle Recommendation

You may think, you have heard it all before? And perhaps you have….
I won’t tell you what to do and what not to do. I am here to explain to you what can be done and how. What works for many, may not work for you.

What sounds easy for most, may unfold as unbridgeable for you. Or what appears as an enormous task will – with a different perspective – suddenly look like something fun to do.

I am here to listen to and appreciate your story. You are unique. Life can be looked at from many different angles. There is no judgement but understanding. There is no telling but finding the right angle through compassionate consultations.

I will ensure that you are happy and in sync with the recommendations I make. There is always room for improvement or changes but it has to fit with you and your life situation. These days, we find so many opportunities coming our way, so many ‘I shoulds’ that only cause us to feel more stressed. I will explain and guide you in what is the right fit for you at this time of your life. You will not be thrown into the pool of guilt of things you should or shouldn’t do.

Lifestyle recommendations can be the key to unlocking blockages.

We live in a busy world with more deadlines than we can possibly keep. Stress in work, social & family life or unresolved traumas can make us feel overwhelmed and may contribute to a sedentary lifestyle which we are often not aware of how damaging this can be to our health. If we are aware of this, we often don’t know how to make changes. We have nothing left but to keep going …

You will find, that there are many fun ways to increase your energy and/or to help you find relief in relaxation to feel more at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Investigation Tools

  • Questionnaire
  • Basic Physical Examination (blood pressure, temperature etc.)
  • Iridology
  • Tongue & nail analysis
  • Urine/stool charts
  • Urine pH-test
  • Integrative and Functional Pathology Services for an extensive range of detailed pathological testings
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Body Composition Testing

Relaxation Therapies

Stress is seen as the cause of many diseases. Looking at the overwhelming data, if it is not the cause it most certainly contributes tremendously to poor health and the inability to get well again. There are many ways you can find relaxation and during a naturopathic consult, I will always endeavour to find the most suited option for you.

I am currently offering:

AromaTouch Technique – a 60 minutes relaxation therapy following the unique technique developed by Dr. David K. Hill, Founding Executive of doTERRA. Aim of this treatment is to soothe your mind & soul & to relax your body with lasting effects.

Empower Consultations

I love Essential Oils. They have always been in my life – and I am thrilled to have found highest quality oils to ensure safe and effective treatment.

Free Oil Talk

Come and join me for a 15-minute free consultation about Essential Oils and how you could use it on a daily basis or when needed.

Oil Talk – in depths

If you are keen to find out more about certain oils that you would benefit from right now but you are overwhelmed by the choices and the sheer amount of different oils available and their properties.

I have the answers for you with the help of the iTOVi scan. This is a handheld device using galvanic skin response/GSR when measuring the skin’s electric conductivity.

During the 30-minute consult, I will also provide the opportunity to prepare your unique essential oil blend in a 10 ml Roll on Bottle.

*Note the prices for Essential Oils vary greatly and hence the cost for the personalised Roll on Bottle. Before mixing any oils together, you will be advised about the additional costs for this.

Drop into Life

Uses colour as a tool to guide you to your inner knowledge. It is an underestimated yet so powerful and versatile tool to support you in unfolding issues that you have not been able to address otherwise. During the session you will choose three different colours –this is when questions are answered and you can embrace the experience to learn more about you and who you truly are. It is an awe-inspiring session, it is exciting, wonderful and opens many doors for you. During the session different essential oils will be mentioned that will support you to deepen the experience. At the end of the 60 minutes consult, we will create your personal blend of Essential Oils in a 10ml Roll on Bottle and together with affirmations that your chosen colours represent you will be set to make significant changes in your life.

Who would have thought that daily affirmations supported by your own personal essential oil blend can be an easy tool to find insights into your true self?

Future Therapies – currently studying
  • Samassati Colour-Light Therapy
    available August 2019.