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We owe it to ourselves that we are honest about what we are consuming each day. Our body tell us the truth if only we listen 😉!

It is not only the issue that we don’t always eat what we should. We are often forced to buy poor quality products – or we think we have no other options. We need to be well organised to pack a healthy lunch for work and/or a healthy snack. If you find yourself starving during your lunch break, well you will probably just grab what is most convenient and of course tasty for you.

But – this is only one part of the problem. It is now recognised that our soils are depleted of nutrients. Even though efforts are made to put goodness back into the soil, mass farming will struggle to achieve the goal of nutrient rich soils and hence nutrient rich produce.

A further aspect for nutrient deficiency in people is a steady loss of nutrient during added stressor of everyday life. This includes higher demands of nutrients during pregnancy, when a woman grows a new human life or higher demands to overcome emotional stress, such as grieving or physical stress, such as indulging in extreme sports and so forth.

Nutritional Supplements are necessary address nutritional deficiencies. It can be the missing piece to replenish your body with vital substances & restore health.

I like to think of using Nutritional Supplements as a kick-start back to health.