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You are what you eat is not just a saying. Perhaps it makes sense to you that when you put goodness into something or someone then goodness can grow. The right fuel is needed for optimal function. We can even translate this to motor vehicles – petrol cars don’t do well on diesel and vice versa. Certain plants need certain foods to grow or they will be stunted or not thrive at all.

A review of your diet plays a vital role in your treatment plan. The sheer amount of information on what you should be eating or not, is not only confusing but may leave you with a false sense of doing the right thing.

We all have different needs; food sensitivities can be a major cause for illness – even if the food is otherwise considered healthy, it might be just the one you need to stay away from.

I am here to guide you to your personal nutritional needs; show you how to decipher healthier options and encourage you to make sensible food choices more often. It is often easier than you may think.
Tweaking your diet is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting you on the right track. It should be the first point of education in every person’s health journey.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine – Hippocrates’ famous quote is still valid today.