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Chromatic Health – what’s in the name?

Starting your own business is an exciting endeavour. I couldn’t wait to give it the perfect name but as it goes, I just couldn’t come up with anything that struck me.

The question was also what do I want to achieve and how. And ultimately, how to translate this into a name. I felt ambitious, I had to find the perfect name. Unable to deliver, I asked my partner to give it some thought. He is the best when it comes to sum up things into one or two words.

Health for me is not just looking at physical aspects, I believe we need to look deeper to find the root cause of it all and even deeper to find out what triggered the imbalance within our bodies.

Finding the root cause is a basic naturopathic principle in any individual healing journey. We know that stress, lifestyle and nutritional choices contribute to poor health and this is why these areas are addressed in the initial consult.

But how do we feel – what about our emotions? Often, we don’t even know. We are asked “How ya goin’?” and many of us say “Good, thanks and how are you?”, nobody really feels the need to talk about how we really are. Nobody wants to talk about ‘feelings’, may it be because we believe, nobody actually wants to know or perhaps we just don’t want to share how we are feeling or we don’t know what is going on inside.

It is my belief, that suppressed emotions are the root cause of almost every ailment we struggle with within ourselves and in our society.

As I mentioned, we often don’t know how we feel or why we feel the way we do. Talking about ourselves may not take us to how we feel but merely scratch the surface of our true nature and true needs.

Colour therapy (Drop into life) and Colour light therapy are two modules that will assist in digging a bit deeper into the true you and why you are where you are.

This is why my business name needed to reflect this aspect of treatment. My partner came up with a fantastic name but it was already taken. It was frustrating, because once he said the name, I thought ‘yes, that’s it’. The same day I picked up my children from school and explained why I was a bit distracted and that I had to find a different name for my business. My son (12) instantly said “call it Chromatic Health”.

Honest to be spoken, I had to google if it was really what he explained to me. And wow, we can learn so much from the younger generations to come.

Chromatic is related to colour and music – this was just perfect = Chromatic Health – I love it!

I believe that colours and music can indicate and alter our emotional state. It contains the entire colour spectrum and musical scales that expresses our visual and audible world. Combined with Naturopathy and Relaxation Therapy I am able to offer a complete assessment of your health and treatment to a healthy & happy you!

This is Chromatic Health – your pathway to happiness!


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