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A little story about myself and what inspired me to become a naturopath:

There are many reasons why I studied naturopathy. If I had to pick one, I would say, I felt the need to bring happiness and health back into people’s life and naturopathy provides me with the tools to act on this. Yes, I found my life’s purpose and this alone has been elevating and rewarding and I hope you agree, this is a good enough reason to have become a naturopath.

I started my studies in 2015 with Australis College and graduated in 2018. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Everything I learned felt right and the world finally made sense.

I found a profession that enabled me to support people on many levels to become healthier and happier – a dream come true!

I believe, I was born with a deep interest in people’s well-being. This interest led me to study Social Anthropology and Science of Religion at FU Berlin, Germany in the mid ‘90. I learned a lot about people and different cultures which I found fascinating. However, it was a passive undertaking: part of being a good scientist, was not to interfere with the people I studied. I was observing and evaluating gathered data.

My work didn’t make people feel better or happier. Of course, back then I didn’t understand that this was the missing link. I wanted to actively contribute to improving people’s life.

A few of life’s-corners later, I had my own personal health issues that medical doctors could not address. This led me to my own health research and to more confusion and frustration. I was going to doctors and specialists, had lots of tests done, a complete health check and I was told that I was for my age group in the top 3% of the world healthiest people –

Hmmm… so…. that led me to think that there must be more to it. I was not sick in the sense of allopathic medicine but I did not feel well at all! In that moment I realised that in my case allopathic medicine had no more answers for me.

A visit to a naturopath turned my world upside down – it was everything I always wished for, somebody who took his time, asked many questions that I had no idea would matter. He took all the allopathic test results into consideration, performed naturopathic testings and finally found the bottom of it all.

There was no quick fix but I learned that I HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THE CHANGES!

Following his suggestions my life improved on so many levels. And this was just the beginning of my health journey. Needless to say, I was intrigued, overjoyed and once the opportunity arose, I put my heart into becoming a naturopath myself so I can help others to wellness.


I grew up in Germany and came to Australia in 1999 as part of my studies of Social Anthropology. I spent 2 months in Central Australia, and travelled for another couple of months the “Top End”. During this time, I met my life partner and have been with him ever since. We have done extensive travels in many parts of Australia. We lived in Darwin for eight years, Tasmania for four months, Country Victoria for three years and finally settled in Cairns in 2011 which we now call home.